Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ruby's blessing

All the Jacobsen granddaughters have been blessed in this dress. After they're blessed, my mother in law has their name and blessing date embroidered on the dress.

Ruby being her pleasant self.
I don't know how many pics we had to take until we got a semi decent pic from Naomi.

Grandma and Grandpa Neeley with Ruby.

Great Grandpa Gordon and Anna Mae.

Great Grandpa Gordon.

Ruby with mom, Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Amy.

Ruby's blessing day was perfect. She did great and Chris did a great job blessing her. Chris's Grandpa drove up from Ely and we had some family and a few friends join us for lunch. Nothing's better than listening to a blessing given to your child. I'm so grateful Chris was able to give that gift to our daughters.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Balboa 2009

Once again, we spent some time down on Balboa Island this summer. We just walked down to the beach on the island. It was much easier with an 8 week old. We didn't seem to do a whole lot this time around. We went to Disneyland. We also went to San Diego one day for my sister in law's baby shower. While I was at the shower, Chris took Naomi to the beach and said she had a great time in the ocean. I was hesitant about taking the drive with Ruby since she was only 8 weeks at the time. But, she did great! I'm excited for next year because Ruby will be one and she'll be able to enjoy the ocean and Disneyland. Hopefully next year I can convince Chris to go to Sea world! I've been wanting to go there. And, I know Naomi will LOVE it!

Disneyland 2009

Naomi had a blast at Disneyland this year. We went to the Princess lunch where she met all the Princesses except Snow White which happens to be her favorite. We better see her next year! She was so excited to see them and then when they came out and to our table she would get so shy. She could barely eat her food she was dying to meet each princess. We went on as many rides as we could and didn't leave until late. Obviously, we did the kiddie rides but Naomi really wanted to do a fast ride so we took her on the Madder Horn. I thought for sure she was going to freak out but she loved it! She also loved going through Sleeping Beauty's castle. We had such a good time. She's still saying, "mom, let's go to Disneyland".

Ruby's birth day

Relief. Awwwwwwe. I still haven't forgotten the pain I felt. But, worth it.

Naomi's dance recital

Lookin' cute in her dance costume.

After her recital. It's crazy to think I had Ruby one week later!

The lighting guys didn't turn the lights on for Naomi's one and only dance. She's on the very end on the left.

I started Naomi in dance when she was two and a half. I wasn't sure if I wanted her to do the recital for two reasons. First, I wasn't sure how she would do being so young and being on the stage in front of a lot of people. And two, I was due to have Ruby a few weeks later. We went for it and she did so great! She wasn't shy or scared. She went out there and performed her dance and smiled the whole time! She was so cute! I was so proud of her. I'm sad I don't have better pictures but I'll never forget how great she was! She must be listening to her teacher because she shows me first, second and third position. And, she also shows me and others her arabesque.

Easter 2009

Looking so pretty is her Easter dress.

Showing us her Easter basket.

Finding eggs in the yard.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Let me introduce you to... Ruby!


Ruby Rose was born May 19th at 2:46 a.m. Labor began at 9:00 p.m. We left for the hospital at 12:30 a.m. Worst ride ever! Finally arrived at the hospital and at this point I cannot even talk I am in so much pain. Obviously, I ask for my epidural as soon as I can say something but soon find out the only anesthesiologist on call just went in for a c-section and won't be available for an hour. I'm a 4/5 when I arrive and then an 8 a half an hour later. I ask the nurses, "do you think I'll make the the epidural." They say, "no." I think that I'm going to die the pain is unbearable. I feel Ruby moving down ready to make her entrance but I am determined to get that epidural. Finally, it's been an hour , I'm now a 9 plus, and the anesthesiologist arrives just in time to give me my epidural and ten minutes later Ruby is born. I know people are saying you should of just done it natural. You were so close. But honestly, the pain was so bad and my contractions were on top of each other. I could not take another second. I'm thinking Ruby better love me extra because what I went through for her.
Thankfully, all is good. She's a great baby. We are so pleased to have her in our life. Being a mom of two feels like a lot of kids! I'm excited to see Naomi and Ruby down the road. I hope they are good friends and enjoy each other.